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Road To Excellence!

CW4 Louise Lingenfelser
By CW4 Louise Lingenfelser
National Treasurer

This year is a big year for the United States Army Warrant Officers Association – it is the 50th Anniversary for ourorganization! To celebrate this significant achievement the USAWOA is hosting an event called “Road to Excellence.”

Each participant will receive a medal with lanyard and be able to completeas many miles as they can, over a fiveweek period (walk, bike, or run). To make this event even more fun, we are having each participant pick a team.

Road To Excellence! Medals

Teams will consist of the USAWOA Chapters (and selected by the registrant when they register). The Chapter team with the highest cumulative miles will receive the “Road to Excellence” streamer. The streamer presentation will be at the USAWOA 50th Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM), which will be conducted at Fort Bragg, NC, in October 2022.

Registration will be available from 1 March – 30 April 2022. The registration fee will be $55 per person. The event itself will be conducted between 1 May and 4 June 2022.

Each participating Chapter will receive in bulk their medals with lanyards. Chapters can then distribute as they see fit, physically or via mail, out to their participants. Throughout the period when the Road To Excellence is conducted, Chapters are encouraged to create in-person events and share photos throughout the training period. When posting individually, or as a group, include #50USAWOA on the USAWOA Facebook virtual event “Road to Excellence.”

How To Record Mileage

Participants will record their daily mileage starting on 1 May, track their progress, and challenge themselves and their teammates. Running, walking, or biking will count. Remember, this is based on the honor system.

Once you are registered, you will be able to upload your miles on a daily basis, using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into RunSignUp.
  2. Click on the FIND A PARTICIPANT tab and find your name.
  3. Under your name, click on the More Details button.
  4. Then select the Submit Virtual Results button.
  5. For each day participating, you will Add Another Activity, and enter the total miles you covered on that day.
  6. lick the Select Activity button at the bottom. It will take a few minutes to record, but your overall miles should then be visible on the Results tab, with the rest of the leaders.

USAWOA Now a 501(c)19 Non-Profit
Veterans Service Organization (VSO)

CW4 Carl Burnett
By CW4 (Ret) Carl M. Burnett
Chairman, Past Presidents Council

USAWOA is now an authorized IRS 501(c)19 Non-Profit Veteran Service Organization (VSO)!

Hurray! Not so fast.

Today, only “active” Regions (ones that elect a slate of officers, versus simply a director) and Chapters recognized under IRS 501(c)3 status can directly accept a donor’s tax-deductible donations. You also cannot use the USAWOA National Headquarters employer identification number (EIN) to solicit donations!

What does this new IRS 501(c)19 status mean for those Regions and Chapters that do not have an IRS taxdeductible status? In a nutshell, active Regions and Chapters will have to wait until they can be included under a group exemption.

Future Donation Plan

Soon, all Chapters – and Regions that chose to incorporate as “active,” pursuant to guidance in the USAWOA national bylaws – will be able to accept tax-deductible donations directly from donors. To make this happen, active Regions and Chapters must be recognized by the IRS under a group exemption for subordinate organizations affiliated with, and under the general supervision or control of, a central organization. To do this, these organizations need to complete the following verification process:

  1. Get a federal EIN. This can be done online at the IRS website. You should also watch the IRS video before applying for a federal EIN number.
  2. Establish a bank account.
  3. Complete the USAWOA 501(c)19 “Group Exemption" Request Form. The form must be signed by an active Region or Chapter president, notifying national leadership that the Region or Chapter wants to be included in the IRS 501(c)19 “Group Exemption. Active Regions and Chapters that have already been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization can also be covered under the USAWOA national IRS 501(c)19 group exemption.
  4. Indicate in the form the fiscal year the active Region or Chapter operates under.
  5. Provide in the form your organization federal EIN number.

All active Regions and Chapters that want to be included under the USAWOA group exemption must complete the verification process before national headquarters can request group exemption from the IRS. Therefore, all active Regions and Chapters need to begin completing the verification process above.

All that complete this verification process should notify national headquarters when they get their EIN number. Additionally, if Regions and Chapters do not want to be included in the USAWOA group exemption they should also notify national headquarters.

If you need assistance, please contact Past National President Carl Burnett at 240-355-1128.

Once the national office receives notification from the IRS that active Regions and Chapters are covered under the IRS group exemption process, they will be able to accept taxdeductible donations directly.

Additionally, there will be an annual IRS filing for all participating active Regions and Chapters that will begin in 2023.

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